Traveling Basics

There are literally thousands of countries and cities you could choose from when picking a traveling destination… so how do you narrow it down and pick one? Whenever we find ourselves trying to pick a travel destination here at, we usually start with some basic questions like what time of year will we be traveling. The reason you may want to start with this question is because many different regions of this planet experience extreme differences in weather during different times of year. For instance, a place like the Philippines during the winter time has beautiful weather without much rain fall and sunny skies. On the flip side, during those same months a place like Moscow in Russia might be blanketed with snow and suffering from intense blizzards. For me personally, if I had to travel during the winter months I would probably choose a destination located towards the equator to avoid getting caught up in a blizzard. Asking your self this first basic question of timing should help you narrow down your options substantially.

The next type of question to ask is what is it that you really want to see? Some people are all about living in other types of cultures and experiencing them for a while and some other people may prefer to visit a location to see the sights. I like to do both at the same time and typically try to choose a destination with rich culture and historic sights to see. Once you start to narrow down the time of year you’ll be travelling along with what it is you’re looking to get out of the trip you can really start to narrow down your choices. You can also use this question to plan out a trip at the ideal time of year. For example, I would really like to go on an authentic Africa Safari with my family and I have the luxury of going any time of year I would like. Since this is my scenario, I would simply do some research and see when the best time of year to go to Africa would be and then plan from there.

At first, these questions might seem like common sense but I assure you many people fail to think of these basic things when planning a trip. With millions of different scenarios you could play through in your head, it’s a good idea to keep it simple. If you worry about too many things and try to be perfect in your planning, it can quickly become a daunting task and you might eventually quit because you can overwhelm yourself. For additional information, here is a quick video that you can check out with some additional travel planning tips:

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